COVID-19 Update

Our world has changed, and EU Business School is ready. In this time of uncertainty, whether you are joining the EU community or are already part of it, we are sure you’ll have lots of questions. 

Here are some frequently asked questions that we hope will help answer your queries. If there is anything else you need to know, please contact us here or call our campus offices directly. We are here for you!


Flexible study options

  • We are offering flexible study options for Summer 2021 including online and on-campus study. We offer several start dates throughout the academic year so that students can join us on campus when they can. 
  • Our on-campus classes will be delivered using the on-campus hybrid learning approach from January 2021 with more time spent on campus, when permitted.   
  • The health and wellbeing of our community is our number one priority. We have a strict protocol and health measures in place on campus to keep our community safe.  
  • EU Business School is open including our admissions department. Contact us with any query you may have; we are here to help you succeed. 

Geneva Safety Recommendations

Information updated on April 3, 2022

At EU Business School, our first priority is to ensure a safe learning environment for our students. We remind you that extensive and comprehensive measures are in place throughout our campus buildings to keep everyone safe and healthy.

As the global health crisis continues to evolve, the Swiss Federal Government and the canton of Geneva authorities have introduced measures to contain the spread of COVID-19. We are monitoring the situation closely and will provide regular updates.

The measures currently in place are the following:

  • If you have COVID-19, or if you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive, it is recommended that you self-isolate.
  • It is recommended that masks are worn in public transport and interior spaces accessible to the public.
  • Pandemic-related measures for travelers arriving from abroad have been lifted. Check up-to-date travel information at

You will find more information regarding our health and safety protocols, both on campus and in our campus cities, in these booklets.

General Queries

Yes, and our friendly team of counselors are here to help with any queries you may have. Please get in touch with us by phone, Skype, email, Microsoft Teams or by writing a query here.

We are offering flexibility for our programs to accommodate your needs and circumstances, so you will not need to defer your start date. If you cannot arrive on campus on the start dates, you can attend classes via EU’s videoconferencing system until your arrival. We are offering several start dates throughout the academic year to allow you to continue with your studies as planned. 

Students who continue to be concerned for their health but wish to move forward with their studies and gain additional digital skills can continue at our online campus. Classes have been finetuned to ensure enhanced class dynamics and interaction with peers and faculty. Activities in your schedule will include forums, tutoring, live webinars, live discussion sessions and group projects, to maintain an engaging classroom environment. 

The safety of the EU community is and will always be our top priority. To safeguard the health of our students, Strict measures have also been implemented across our campus buildings. For more information, see here.


Yes. EU is open and our staff are available to help with any queries you may have. Reach out to our friendly staff members by phone, email, skype or by writing a request here.

Yes. Our Swiss, Barcelona and Munich campuses are open for visits with a prior appointment. All visitors are required to follow our strict health guidelines which include wearing a mask at all times and disinfecting their hands on entering our buildings. Your temperature will also be taken on entering our buildings to ensure that everyone on campus is healthy. 

We are also offering open days and information sessions online so you can speak to one of our friendly counselors virtually.  

Join one of our upcoming sessions to discover the EU experience.

EU is taking a flexible approach to the applications process. Don’t panic if you’re not able to submit the documents required, take a language or GMAT test or meet the deadlines. Our admissions team are on hand to help you solve any challenges you are facing.

Our admissions counselors are available to discuss application requirements with anyone who needs support, including applicants whose GMAT or GRE tests have been canceled. 

As TOEFL and similar language tests were suspended during the public health crisis, we are offering our own English test for applicants. 

Please reach out to our admissions team via, email, Skype or here.

Don’t worry. Give us a call and we will help you find a solution. Our admissions counselors can provide support for visa attainment. They are in contact with embassies and consulates across the globe to see how the situation is progressing and how you should proceed in each country.  

In light of international travel restrictions and difficulties found with visa obtention, EU is offering additional start dates. This flexibility will give students the time they need to attain their visas and start their studies as planned.

We are offering flexible study options so that you can come to campus when you can travel. Alternatively, you can start your program at our online campus and transfer to the campus of your choice later.

Health Measures

Yes. We have taken every precaution to ensure that our community is safe on campus. As well as following official health guidelines, we have implemented additional health and safety measures for your safety. These include reduced class sizes, limited persons on campus, mandatory use of masks and hand sanitizers, frequent hand washing and temperature checking at our campus entrances, among others. Also, an English-speaking doctor is available for online consultation for students who are showing COVID-19 symptoms. For more information, see here.

Protect yourself and others from infection by washing your hands or using an alcohol-based rub frequently and not touching your face. Practice respiratory etiquette (for example, by coughing into a flexed elbow), wear a mask, avoid crowded places and maintain at least 1m distance from other people.  

This is the advice given by the World Health Organization. For more detailed information about the virus and how to prevent its spread, visit their website

We are closely following the health and safety regulations issued by the local authorities in each of our campus cities. Please refer to the section “City Safety Recommendations” on this page to know the latest norms in each of our campus cities.

We have plans in place to manage changes to the situation, keep students safe and make sure that the high-quality education we provide is not impacted. 

Stay home and self-isolate even with minor symptoms such as cough, headache, mild fever, until you recover. Have someone bring you supplies. If you need to leave your house, wear a mask to avoid infecting others. We inform that we have a campus doctor on all our campuses that students should consult if they are showing coronavirus symptoms.  

If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical attention, but call by telephone in advance if possible and follow the directions of your local health authority.  

This is the advice given by the World Health Organization. For more detailed information about the virus and how to prevent its spread, visit their webiste.

To ensure the safety of its community, EU has implemented a series of strict precautionary measures across all its campuses. 

It is mandatory for faculty, students, staff and visitors to wear masks at all times when on campus. In addition, hand sanitizers have been placed at the entrances and throughout our campus buildings. Their use is obligatory. Students and faculty are required to hand sanitize before a class begins and after a break and to use regularly throughout the day. In addition, temperature checks have been introduced at our campus entrances to ensure that all persons entering our premises are healthy, common areas closed and distancing measures introduced. We also have a campus doctor on all our campuses whom students can consult if they are showing COVID-19 symptoms. 

For on-campus study, EU has introduced an innovative on-campus hybrid learning approach. Class sizes have been reduced to accommodate social distancing. 

Our recreation areas, study rooms and libraries are closed. Student gatherings and meetings are not permitted on campus nor in the vicinity of our campus buildings. Furthermore, students are advised not to meet in groups outside our premises. Group work is taking place online. 

If you have further concerns about coming to campus or require more information on any of our measures, please do not hesitate our student counselors if you are a current student, or an admissions counselor if you will be new to the EU community. Please contact them by phone, email or Skype. They will happily offer you all the advice you need.  

Health insurance is obligatory for all students studying at EU Business School.  

If you are a student from the European Union, you may wish to contract private health insurance or to transfer the health insurance from the social security of your country of residence (S1).  

If you are a student from outside the European Union, embassies and/or consulates will require proof of private health insurance before granting you a visa. Your health insurance will need to cover any medical and/or repatriation expenses you may incur during your studies at EU. Please reach out to our admissions counselors who will advise you on private health insurance.

Please note that an English-speaking doctor is available on all our campuses for online consultation for students who are showing COVID-19 symptoms.

Digital Learning Support: In the Virtual Classroom

Classes in the virtual classroom take place on Adobe Connect. All EU students are advised to download Adobe Connect, Microsoft Teams for collaborative work and the Outlook app. During orientation week more guidance is provided.

Our IT Department is here to help. Please contact them by email at

Don’t worry! If you cannot attend a class in real-time, you will be able to access the recording in your own time via the course site.

Yes. All online classes are recorded so that you can re-watch them on the course site to consolidate learning or catch up if there was something you missed.

No. Our faculty and staff have worked hard to ensure that students receive the same high-quality business education as they did before the global coronavirus pandemic. When it comes to graduation, your qualifications and employability will be unaffected.

A Message From The President

We are thrilled to be welcoming more students to our EU Community in July 2021, and welcoming back those already studying with us.

Since we returned to campus, our innovative on-campus hybrid learning approach, which combines the best of in-person and online learning, has enabled our community to continue their studies in a safe environment. From January on, I am delighted to inform that, guided by how the pandemic progresses in each campus city, the number of hours spent in the classroom will increase.

The safety of our community will always be our top priority. We continue to have extensive measures in place across our campuses to ensure a safe environment for our community. These measures include temperature checks at the entrances of each of our campuses, protective screens, hand-sanitizer dispensers placed throughout our campus buildings and reduced class sizes to ensure that social distancing can always be adhered to.

Experiential and interactive learning is a hallmark of EU Business School, and we have continued to deliver this experience since the start of the global health crisis. I am thrilled to share that our exclusive Learning From Leaders conferences with top business leaders will continue in the new year with yet more outstanding names joining us to share their experiences and invaluable insights with our students and alumni.

We are proud to have developed these strategies to enable us all to move forward with positivity. We believe that no one should have to put their education, or their dreams, on hold, and we are thrilled to be enabling the next generation of leaders to reach their full academic and professional potential.

Thank you to our students, alumni, faculty and staff, all of whom have shown remarkable resilience in the face of these challenging times. It is our pleasure to be guardians of such a supportive and inspiring community.

Dr. Dirk Craen
President of EU Business School 

Dr. Dirk Craen