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 Study in Switzerland - Living and Studying in Geneva

Live & Study in Geneva


For international students studying in Geneva in English, there are a number of exciting, unique and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities available to EU Business School students. Geneva has the highest number of international organizations in the world: the importance and prominence of Geneva on a global scale attracts some of the world’s largest business, thought-leading experts and international organizations, which makes for unparalleled networking opportunities.

Geneva itself is a beautiful and interesting place to study, rich with history and culture. The size of Switzerland also presents unique opportunities for visiting students, who will find it easy to make the most of the country’s widespread transport system. When taking a break from their bachelor’s or MBA in Geneva, students can take a train for three hours and be in Milan, or take another train and be in neighboring Germany or France.

Corresponding to the population that it serves, Geneva airport has the largest number of destinations of any European airport. Reasonably priced flights are easy to find and Geneva can become a central point from which it is possible to explore the vibrant and varied countries of Europe.


Here are some other reasons to study in Geneva:


For centuries, Geneva has been a leading hub for a number of industries. During the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century, Geneva became a haven for talented watchmakers following John Calvin’s decision to ban citizens from wearing jewelry. Refugees from France and Italy taught people from Geneva the arts of watchmaking, and the city has been a central hub for the industry ever since.

Geneva has more international organizations than any other city on the planet, and this is reflected in the wealth of talented and interesting individuals that deliver guest lectures and seminars at the EU Business School Geneva campus. EU also makes the most of the close proximity to these organizations by frequently coordinating industrial visits. Whether our students are studying their MBA or bachelor’s in Geneva, they benefit from a great number of visits and guest lectures.


Switzerland has a wonderful history, filled with pacts, truces, religious preoccupations and art. For students wanting to learn more about Geneva and Switzerland as a whole, Swiss Watching is a fantastic and comprehensive study on the subject.

While completing their bachelor’s or MBA in Geneva, students can soak in the culture and history that pervades Geneva and Switzerland. Whether it’s a walk through the old town, a tour of the Red Cross museum or a boat cruise around the Lake Lucerne where William Tell is said to have commandeered himself to freedom, Switzerland’s history - and its citizens' respect for it - is palpable.

For students who study their MBA or bachelor’s in Geneva who come from outside of Europe, there is no better place from which to explore the rest of the continent. Short trains and flights can transport explorers to a variety of exciting places throughout the continent, where other cultures and histories can be discovered.

During the time students take to study in Geneva in English, they will encounter local traditions and enjoy a strong sense of community. For example, the Jeûne Genevois, l’escalade or the Fete de Genève are all lively celebrations that provide insight into local culture.


When EU students have a break from their studies, there is never a lack of things to do. Walking, rollerblading, cycling or skateboarding through the sunny streets in spring and summer is a great way to spend an afternoon. Those who prefer to be by the water can swim, pedalo, Jet Ski or boat on the lake.

There is a lot to explore and strolling through the streets at a casual pace is often a great way to discover new little cafes, museums or hidden secrets.

As well as the physical landscape, the fascinating residents of Geneva are a treasure in themselves. Chatting with the multilingual population gives students the opportunity to learn more about cultures from all around the world, and make some new friends for life.


For the population it serves, Geneva airport has the largest number of destinations compared to any other country in Europe.

Weekend breaks to a number of locations is made easy, and flights can be found at reasonable prices with a number of the flight operators that use Geneva airport.

Students can use EasyJet’s ‘Inspire Me’ tool to find a weekend away and plan trips – give it a go and see where your studies at EU could take you.