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Study in Switzerland


To study in Switzerland in English is a huge opportunity – Geneva has one of the the highest number of company headquarters when compared to other countries in Europe, and Montreux shares this proximity. Most of these organizations operate in English and EU Business School students get privileged insights into the way that they operate thanks to industrial visits and guest speakers from these organizations.

With 35.2% of the Swiss population having completed higher education as of 2010, the Swiss workforce is talented, competitive and hard-working. The Romandie region of Switzerland where both Geneva and Montreux are located relies on talented and intelligent graduates as a large portion of its workforce, and many of our students go on to pursue a career in business in Switzerland.

It is not uncommon for international employees to come to Geneva for work, and pursue an MBA in English in Switzerland while they work.

As well as being advantageous from an educational and professional perspective, to study in Switzerland offers a variety of opportunities for EU students to enrich their characters and minds: learning a new language or more about a new culture or history of another country is easier when absorbed in the country itself. Studying in a foreign country can be a fantastic growing experience.

As well as a stellar academic experience, EU Business School students are sure to enjoy a great social life with a collection of varied activities to choose from. Geneva and Montreux are also in the heart of Western Europe and provide students with countless possibilities for convenient travel and exploration throughout Europe.