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Dual Bachelor's Degree Program in Thailand with Shinawatra University


Located in Bangkok, Thailand, Shinawatra International University was founded in 1996 by Thaksin Shinawatra, former prime minister of Thailand. The college emphasizes technology and management in addition to a well-respected science and engineering program. All courses are taught in English. Students graduating from Shinawatra can look forward to earning a degree from an institution accredited by the Ministry of Education in Thailand.

Dual Degree with Shinawatra University

Semesters at any EU Business School campus

Semesters at Shinawatra University

Degrees... a bachelor's degree from EU Business School and a bachelor's degree from Shinawatra University

European University Shinawatra University

The dual degree with Shinawatra International University (SIU) gives EU Business School Geneva students the chance to complete the seventh and eighth semesters of the bachelor's program at SIU in Thailand. Shinawatra students are also eligible to complete their bachelor’s degree at the EU Business School campus of their choosing, provided that they have successfully completed their first four semesters at SIU. Joint degrees are part of EU’s ongoing mission to expose its students to varied global cultures, including those in and around the booming economies of Southeast Asia.