Robert Green

Geneva Campus

A digital culture theorist and enthusiastic practitioner of intercultural disciplinary studies, audio engineering and sound design, Robert Green has spent many years lecturing in digital media and cross-cultural business. 

As a postgraduate doctoral researcher at Université de Lausanne, Robert’s work converges sociolinguistics, pragmatics, katabasis, psychoanalysis and countercultural movements to analyze business practices affecting ecological responsibility and global existential threats.  

Robert completed his bachelor’s at Columbia College Chicago and spent over eight years working in Management for Starbucks Coffee Company. He has worked extensively in the music industry developing multimedia projects, in addition to consulting for financial firms such as Ernest & Young. He is a lecturer and faculty subject coordinator.

Robert Green

Finding the means to a more prosperous future involves confronting one’s own experiences and intuitions in the face of those submerged in screens and images.

Robert Green