EU Experience

EU Experience

Learning is not only about researching and writing essays, analyzing graphs and giving final presentations. An essential part of the EU experience is the pragmatic and experiential approach to business education, a method that focuses on case studies and hands-on experience. By calling upon our vast network of real businesses and business professionals, students can visit companies, network with professionals and interact with experts, allowing them to learn like an industry insider. 

learning from leaders

Learning From Leaders

EU's inspirational 'Learning From Leaders' series gives students a privileged view into some of the most brilliant minds in business today. Students get to network and learn from high-profile leaders, professionals, experts, and industry innovators at exclusive EU conferences and events.

Company visits

Company Visits

EU students visit a variety of national and international companies where they can relate the theoretical concepts studied in class to real-life business situations. These industrial visits allow students a glimpse into the inner-workings of some of the most well-known and successful businesses in the world.

Speakers On Campus

Speakers On Campus

EU invites business leaders, industry experts, and startup owners as well as successful alumni to share their experience and wisdom with students at on-campus sessions across all campuses. During these sessions students get to interact and network with these professionals, helping them gain a clearer understanding of the real business world.

Peter Vanham

Deep Dive

In this exclusive series of insightful interviews, Peter Vanham, author of "Before I Was CEO" takes business leaders at the forefront of industry and innovation on a journey by delving deep into business challenges, trends and their professional trajectories.

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