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Social Activities at EU

We know how important a social life is for students, and we want you to enjoy life on the EU Geneva Campus as much as you can. Our student board organizes various social activities throughout the year from sporting to cultural events. In addition, EU Geneva arranges networking events and other social activities for students to make the most of the campus.

welcome drinks

Welcome Drinks

Students get to meet with their fellow classmates, lecturers and staff in an informal and relaxed environment to get to know each other and settle into life on campus.  

social activities

Sports Activities

We hold annual sports tournaments including tennis, soccer and basketball. Socializing via sports promotes a healthy lifestyle for our students and we encourage everyone to take part. 


Academic Activities

Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers
We welcome worldwide business leaders to our EU Geneva Campus to share their expertise and insights on the modern business world with our students.  

Study Tours

Study Tours
Students can take part in study tours to government and trade organizations, selected companies and commercial hubs to learn how different cultures and political situations affect business.

Industrial Visits

Industrial Visits
Our students are connected with local and international businesses through industrial visits to companies such as Nestlé, Swatch Group and the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Innovation Center.


Career Support for EU Switzerland Students