As a popular city to work and study, accommodation in Geneva is highly sought after. We encourage you to begin searching for accommodation in Geneva while waiting for your final enrollment documents. A comfortable and inspirational living environment is an important part of any educational experience, so we can help you by filling out the EU housing request form, or you can find your accommodation independently. 


While the cost of living is high, it is possible to find accommodation for students in Geneva that is reasonably priced, considering the quality of life in the city. Geneva has a lot of character, and each different area has its own style and feel, so there really is a place for everyone! Carouge is considered by many to be a bohemian area with many artists and cafes whereas Plainpalais is a student-oriented part of the city, and has several relaxed, popular bars and Rive is a bustling shopping district with wonderful tall buildings where the windows all have colorful shutters.  

Studying at EU has opened my eyes to cultural diversity and presented me with the opportunity to make life-long friends.

Finding accommodation in Geneva can be a challenging process so we have tried to make it easier for incoming students. Take our quiz to find out what type of student accommodation in Geneva suits you best!  


Do you like to socialize? 

a. 24/7 

b. Not really 

c. Only on the weekends 


Are you neat and tidy? 

a. What is cleaning? 

b. Maybe I am, maybe I’m not 

c. I am when I have to be 


What is your budget? 

a. Flexible 

b. Money is not a problem 

c. The cheaper the better


Are you a risk taker? 

a. Not at all 

b. I like calculated risks 

c. Risky is my business 


Do you speak French? 

a. Non 

b. Un petit peu 

c. I was born to speak French 


It is important to consider your budget before beginning your search for student accommodation in Geneva. You should plan for a monthly living expenditure of at least CHF 2,500 to live in Geneva and around 65-70% of this should be budgeted toward accommodation expenses. 


Our student services can help orient you on many things.